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Quick Start to get Kubernetes in 1 Second

K1s is a platform to democratize Kubernetes and cloud-native tools, making it more accessible to developers that are new to the technology. It is a Kubernetes serverless cluster and a terminal that is natively integrated with Kubernetes and cloud-native tools.

K1s is a Kubernetes serverless cluster that allows you to quickly get to grips with the technology without the tough process of installation and configuration.

K1sT is a terminal nativaly integrated with Kubernetes and cloud-native tools, it is a friendly, readable, color-coded, and interactive output for the kubectl command. It is a terminal that caches resources to facilitate navigation through the resources easily, making it the ultimate tool for streamlining your workflow and improving your career path.

K1s is a Technical Preview and we are granting all the access with NO restrictions, in this phase, user credentials/Auth is not required to use the service. We are doing this to get feedback from the community and improve the product. We are also working on the pricing model and will be sharing the details soon.

Sign up steps for advanced features of K1s.

Only for K1s Serverless

Pre-requisite to have kubectl installed.

Lighter and easier, impossible. 🪶

The best way to learn Kubernetes is by doing, and K1s, a Kubernetes serverless cluster will help you quickly get to grips with the technology.

All users are anonymous by default and have access to the default namespace, some examples you can try immediately:

Access the K1s terminal and type command below, yes, that's all!

kubectl get pods
K1s Terminal Demo

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What you'll need

  • kubectl version 1.27+ installed in your local PC or server from where K1s Serverless is going to be accessed.